While you are practicing using that mechanical E6-B, how about checking your results? You can do so using our FREE Student Aviation Calculator!

  • FUEL (lbs, kg, US Gal, IMP Gal, liters)
  • DISTANCE (ft, m, km, Sm, Nm)
  • OIL (lbs, kg, US Gal, qts, liters)
  • SPEED (fpm, mps, kmh, mph, knots)
  • Surface Winds PLUS Runway Graphical Display
  • Winds Aloft PLUS Graphical Display
  • Classic Wind Component Grid

The FUEL, DISTANCE, OIL, and SPEED conversions work instantly. Enter one value and all the conversions are displayed.

The Surface and Winds Aloft calculators are just what you need to help you learn how to visualize the WIND VECTORS.

For example, the Surface Winds calculator lets you enter your RUNWAY, WIND Direction and Speed. The numeric answers are enhanced with a visual display of the compass rose, wind direction, and runway.

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